Back in November, a Central Lake woman pleaded guilty to two felony counts of killing or torturing animals.

Earlier this year, Brooklyn Beck was arrested after police discovered a gruesome scene at her home in Antrim County. They found roughly 200 animals including 19 rabbits, 28 dogs, more than 20 snakes, reptiles, 50 mice and rats, and a bunch of other dead animals.

A number of the animals were found dead in Beck's freezer. Some appeared to have been frozen alive due to their body positioning. Yeah, let that sink in for a moment.

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According to Up North Live, Beck was sentenced today to 2-4 years in prison and it was recommended that she not be allowed to own or possess animals for five years and should not be allowed to take care of people during her parole.

The woman's husband was also arrested in April on 94 counts of animal cruelty in Arizona.

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In my opinion, that woman and her husband should never be allowed to own an animal ever again. I mean, come on. They took live animals and put them in the freezer to die. It takes a sick individual to do something like that. A couple of years in prison won't cure behavior like that.


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