A Reindeer and Grinch getting into a fight at a Christmas Party in Traverse City sounds like the beginning of a hilarious joke. While I'm sure the whole thing was hilarious, it was no joke.

According to Up North Live, Traverse City Police were called to Hotel Indigo Friday night about a fight during a work Christmas party. It's unclear what company was throwing the holiday party.

Apparently, a 30-year-old man that was dressed as the Grinch was punching another 30-year-old man that was dressed up as a reindeer. Let the whole image of that set in for a moment. Two men in their 30s fighting while dressed up as a reindeer and the Grinch. Come on, that's freaking funny

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It was reported that the reindeer was pretty much defending himself against the Grinch who was doing most of the beating.

The fight got so out of control that the police had to be called and the Grinch was arrested. I'm so hoping that they took him away while he was still wearing the grinch costume.

I looked everywhere trying to find a video of the holiday brawl but couldn't find a thing. Since it was a work party, people are probably worried about losing their job if they were to post something like that.

Office work parties can be dangerous especially when you add alcohol. I mean,  if you put a couple of people in the same room together that don't like each other and you add booze, something bad is bound to happen. Heck, you throw in some holiday costumes and you're really asking for it.

I bet it's an awkward day at the office today.

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