There are so many talented bands in the state of Michigan that it's almost impossible to be aware of them all. However, there are some that everyone should know about, and Riding With Killers is one of those bands.

I recently talked with singer/guitarist, Taylor Roberts of Riding With Killers about the band, shows, recordings, their new single, and his involvement with Taproot.

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Tell me a little bit about Riding With Killers.

I announced Riding with Killers in 2018 with no real plan, but I knew if I announced it that it would force me to make it into a reality. I decided to step into the vocal position and maintain playing guitar, as it’s my first love. I had stayed in touch with OG RWK drummer, Dave Coughlin since 2013 after we played a festival together in my hometown. He was in Taproot at the time, and then we ended up on tour with them for their 2013 winter tour and I quickly became close with the entire band.

Dave and I had talked on and off for years about playing and writing music together and he’s the reason I’m up here. I moved here to be next to him. Dave now plays for Detroit legends, Sponge. But I basically started making my way up north and we began recording songs together in late 2018/early 2019. We’ve got a record that I’m putting together to release later this year that we did with Producer Matt LaPlant. We did a few songs on that record in a basement in Farmington at Lansbury Lane Studios owned by Mark Papow. And we also went up to Matt Laplant’s studio in Madison, Wisconsin. Matt produced, engineered, mixed/mastered everything you’ve heard so far and the entire 1st record, including a slamming NIN cover we did of “Every Day Is Exactly The Same”.

What does the current Riding With Killers lineup look like?

Current members include Avalon Black drummer Jed Thibeault and I bounce between James Lascu (New Monarch) who actually writes/records with me as well as Damon Austen Tate (Of Virtue/For The Fallen Dreams) for live bass duties. I sing and play guitar for the band.

Do you guys have any shows lined up for 2023?

I haven’t started booking 2023 shows just yet, but we’ll be looking toward summer and beyond for RWK shows. But so far, we’ve done shows with Tremonti, and Sevendust, and headlined the second stage at CPR Fest in Biloxi, MS alongside 3 Doors Down, Seether, Nonpoint, Bad Flower, and Giovanni and the Hired Guns. We’ve done club shows with Nonpoint, 10 Years, and Blitzkid. We also did a live stream for Shure Microphones. So we haven’t really gotten out there too much just yet but we’ve had an amazing start.

What does the future look like for Riding With Killers?

Future plans include releasing the first record. I’m also sitting on an incredible music video for a new RWK single that I think will blow folks away. I’m hoping to have the coincide with the album release and I’ve recently partnered with Studio Cor3/Revo Media and we plan to shoot more music videos and guitar-related videos as I’m endorsed by Gibson Guitars, Mesa Boogie, and Seymour Duncan. I’m also hoping to up our merch line this year and offer a variety of new items including vinyl pressings. There’s a second record being completed with Jakob Herrmann (In Flames, Vola, Anthrax, Machine Head) that I’m incredibly proud of. Plenty of content and music is on the way.

Tell me about your new song Hostility and its meaning.

As for our new single Hostility, which I’m so proud of. That song is about a number of people in my life who have continually kept their thumb on me, held me back, told me I wasn’t good enough, and those that tried to bring me down. This song is my pushback and me finally saying “enough is enough” and taking those people and that negativity out of my world. It’s a big “F you” without having to say it. It’s my way of standing up for myself.

You can find our new single Hostility on all digital streaming outlets and the new music video is streaming now on YouTube! Be sure to visit our newly revamped website at Huge shout out to Matthew Roguske for all the incredible work on the site!

Aside from RWK, you're also going to be hitting the road with Taproot later this year. How does the idea of being in Taproot make you feel?

I’m beyond humbled and excited to be a part of Taproot. I’ve been a fan since I was 10/11 years old, listening to them on 97.9 CPR growing up. I can’t believe that me, some random kid from Mississippi got to join a legacy act like Taproot and be a part of the machine. I feel a lot of guys who are doing what I do just join whoever/whatever band they can, but I got to join a band I have a real connection with both personally and musically. I feel very honored and privileged in that regard. I can’t wait to show the guys and fans how much Taproot means to me later this year and leave everything on the stage.

I don’t know exactly what Taproot’s future plans are but I don’t foresee them wanting to go back on the road for 200 dates out of the year (obviously if they want to, I’m absolutely there) but I’ll definitely be spending my free time outside of them playing as often as I’m able to with RWK. I believe in what I’m doing and putting in as much as possible.

You can see Roberts in Flint when he plays with Taproot at The Machine Shop on September 29/30 (sold out) and on October 1st.

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