There is always talk of moving Halloween to the last Saturday in October, but will it ever really happen?

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My guess - is not so much. We can't even get rid of daylight saving time, do you really think the date to celebrate Halloween will change? Like I said, not so much.

Sure, in a perfect world Halloween would land on Saturday. No such luck. Come Tuesday, November 1st, parents from all over the country will be dealing with cranky kids. How do you get a tired sugar filled kid up for school? Most likely with candy, I suppose.

What about all of the teachers that have to deal with your kid(s) the day after Halloween? Ugh. Just thinking about it is exhausting.

Here is some parenting advice from a non-parent. If your kid is too young to tell time or know what day it is, tell them Halloween is Saturday and just go to one of many Trunk-or-Treat events happening this weekend. Problem solved. Be sure to follow me for more parenting tips.

After Monday, we won't talk about celebrating Halloween on the last Saturday of October until Halloween 2023, which by the way falls on a Tuesday.

We will have something else to complain about next week - daylight saving time happens on Sunday, November 6th. It will soon be dark at 5:00 PM (the worst). Can we please put an end to this nonsense already?

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