If there's one thing community group pages on social media are good for, it's starting rumors. It's like the Wild West on some of those group pages, especially Davison and Grand Blanc.

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There's one recurring rumor that I see quite a bit on the Davison Discussion Group page and it's all about a Target store coming to town.

All it takes is one person to mention something that people want and it spreads like wildfire. I'm not sure when and how the Target rumor got started, but, for whatever reason, it won't stop.

One group member explained how they believed the rumor started:


Facebook User:

I believe this is a rumor that may have started with joking that the new Starbucks would have a small Target inside. This was a recent discussion in one of our Davison Facebook groups. Not sure if it was this group or another group.

One group member explained why he has doubts about a Target store coming to Davison:

Facebook User: 

Brick and mortar big box stores aren’t viable anymore. Davison isn’t a big enough market for Target. They closed Target in Burton which was 5 miles down the road. Not happening. - Food is where it’s at.

Somebody always knows somebody at corporate, right?

Facebook User:

I know someone with Target Corporate… and they are def trying to get one in Davison. Near Meijer

According to Target, there are no plans to build or open a new store anywhere in Michigan. They have a page on their website that points out exactly where new stores will open and Michigan isn't on the list.

We're not saying that the rumor isn't true and that it's not going to happen. We're just saying, it's not likely.

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