Is a Michigan restaurant responsible for the "wet burrito?"

A big plate of Mexican cuisine always hits the spot after a long day at work. There are so many options to pick from including tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and of course, the wet burrito. However, who gets to claim credit for the creation of the wet burrito?

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When it comes to the creation of the wet burrito, most sources out there lead directly back to a Tex-Mex restaurant in, you guessed it, Michigan. The credit for the creation of the wet burrito goes to The Beltline Bar in Grand Rapids. Most sources say this restaurant introduced the delicious food item in 1966.


For those of you who have been living under a rock, a wet burrito is:

...covered with a red chili sauce similar to a red enchilada sauce, with melted shredded cheese on top. It is usually eaten from a plate using a knife and fork, rather than eaten with the hands...Wikipedia.

Wet burritos are so good and I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to The Beltline Bar for bestowing this upon the world!

The Beltline Bar is located at 16 28th Street Southeast in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While I have never been there, it seems like The Beltline Bar definitely gives back. Just a few weeks ago they even hosted an event with all the profits being donated to help victims of the wildfires in Hawaii. Bravo Beltline!

To see the menu and to check out The Beltline Bar, click here.

Source: Wikipedia

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