If you could pick one attraction to build in Flint, MI, what would it be?

Last week, the rumor mill was going crazy in Lapeer. Certain people and Facebook groups really believed that Disney bought some land in the area and was going to build another Disney theme park. While that would be awesome, it is very unlikely.

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If the Genesee County area were to build a big attraction, what would or could it be? A massive theme park with roller coasters? A water park? A casino? The possibilities are endless. Being located along I-75 pretty much in the center of the state, the Flint area would be a great location for a big attraction.

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After eating some popcorn and reading the comments from Lapeer and the rumors of a Disney theme park I began to wonder what type of attraction could be added to Flint. The top two on my list would be either a theme park with great roller coasters or a casino.

When scrolling through the comments I noticed that many people said a theme park wouldn't work because of the weather here in Michigan. Obviously, they didn't think about Cedar Point and Michigan's Adventure as those are great theme parks that are open seasonally. A theme park could totally be built in Genesee County and would provide the area with a lot of jobs and income. I would also settle for a giant water park as well.

The other attraction that I would love to see built in the area would be a casino. Yet another way to bring jobs and money to the area. Many people traveling from the Flint area have to travel at least an hour to hit the slots. Why not build a casino here?

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If you had a say, what large attraction would you like to see built in the area?

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