Most Michiganders carry in their wallet or purse, items that would be considered normal like credit cards and cash. However, there are some that carry something that is downright dangerous.

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Some people have a wallet that is crammed with so many items that they can barely close it. The thing is so stuffed that it looks like George Costanza's wallet on a popular episode of Seinfeld.

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Others have nothing more than their driver's license, debit card, credit card, and a little bit of cash. These are all normal and acceptable items to carry. You might also want to consider carrying your insurance card in case of an emergency.

What is the #1 Worst Thing to Keep in Your Wallet

Some Michigan residents carry around one item that could ruin their lives if lost or stolen.

It's hard to believe but some people actually carry their social security card around in their wallets. This is one of the most dangerous things you can do as you could become a victim of identity theft if the wrong person was to gain access to the information.


The best thing to do is keep your social security card in a locked safe at your home.

According to Social Security Matters, in 49 states and the District of Columbia, a Social Security card isn’t required to request a Real ID. Pennsylvania is the only state that requires it.

Please be careful about sharing your number when asked for it. You should always ask why your number is needed, how it will be used, and what will happen if you refuse. Also, you shouldn’t carry documents that display your number.

Don't become the victim of identity theft, never carry your social security card in your wallet.

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