Lapeer County has some of the oldest and newest restaurants deserving of a bucket list. (Neighboring Genesee County's Bucket List of Restaurants is worth trying, too.) The next time your family or friends say, "what should we do this weekend" or "what should we eat" start with this list of deliciousness.

Where are the best places to eat in Lapeer County, MI?

From northwest Lapeer County in Columbiaville to southeast Lapeer County in Almont --and everything in between--you'll find great flavors worthy of a short road trip. Think great bar food and homemade meals from family-owned establishments ranging from spaghetti, bbq, steak, fish tacos and the best margaritas in town.

Which bars and restaurants are best to take friends and family in Lapeer County, MI?

This list was created with a few things in mind (nothing scientific):

  • Locally owned, non-chain spots to dine
  • History -- some places have been in business for decades and folks may have forgotten about them.
  • New favorites quickly gaining popularity
  • And unique atmosphere mixed with great food
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Do yourself a favor and use this bucket list checklist before you get in the car:

  • Look at menus ahead of time if you're entertaining friends from out of town.
  • Invite family & friends that 'never try anything new' or always say 'there's nothing to do around here,' or complain how long it takes to drive somewhere new... on purpose.
  • Try something new or ask for their most famous/popular menu items/drinks.
  • Make a note of the spots you love and tell everyone you know.
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10+ Good Eats: Lapeer County, MI Dining Bucket List

Great restaurants and bars to try in Lapeer County with friends and family.

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