It's hard to beat a great burger when it comes to great food. The best part is, that you can score a great burger just about anywhere from your local diner, roadside food truck, or even a trendy restaurant. It's that one constant that everyone serves and everyone loves.

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Face it, in Michigan, you can pretty much take your pick on great burger joints, but when the culinary team at Food Network starts ranking the best of the best in the burger world, things get serious. They recently put together a list of the "100 Best Burgers in America". When you think about how many burger joints there are in the country, making a list like that is pretty impressive.

"Chefs have a lot of tricks and techniques to reinvent the traditional ground beef patty sandwich, including new cooking methods, cuts of meat, buns, and toppings for truly unique results", Food Network said. 

Out of the 100 delicious burger spots that made the list, not just one, but TWO Michigan-based eateries have clinched a coveted spot on Food Network's  "Best Burgers in America" list! Winning over the FN team was two fantastic eateries in Detroit.

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Grey Ghost, which was named for a Prohibition-era Detroit River rum runner, has a menu that continues to wow patrons, and apparently Food Network as well.

"The adult-beverage list is expansive, and the meat is top-notch. That's why the burger here is so darn good. It features two 4-ounce flat-top-griddled patties made from a custom blend of chuck, brisket, short rib, and dry-aged rib eye. Each one is topped with a slice of American cheese. Iceberg lettuce and housemade shallot pickle mayonnaise (and fried egg for those who want some runny yolk) are layered within the sesame seed bun"


Also making the list was the uber-cool pub, Green Dot Stables. Located on Lafayette Boulevard in Detroit, the traditional pub atmosphere just makes that burger taste better.

"The equestrian-themed restaurant and beer bar offers a wide selection of affordable burgers in miniature form. Of particular note are the sliders tweaked with international flavors, such as the Korean. This option features a thin beef patty that’s set on a soft white bun and accented with peanut butter and kimchi from The Brinery in nearby Ann Arbor. The combination may sound odd, but the flavors meld together like pickle brine and whiskey".



Congratulations to both restaurants the culinary hot spots who put Michigan on the map, one burger at a time.

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