A Lansing man says he plans to share his winnings with family members after winning $434,105 from the Michigan Lottery on a Luck 7s Ticket.

The 92-year-old gentleman tells the Michigan Lottery that he decided to go after the Fast Cash jackpot after seeing that it was on the rise, and just a few hours later, he was a big winner.

Positive Thinking Pays Off For Michigan Lottery Player

The man said he had his sights on winning the growing jackpot and started off by buying a couple of tickets.

“I had my eye on the Fast Cash game after seeing the jackpot was on the rise,” said the player. “I stopped into a store and said: ‘I’m going after that jackpot!’ I bought two tickets and didn’t win, so I stopped into a different store later that day and purchased two more tickets."

The second store he stopped at was the Sunoco gas station on Migaldi Lane in Lansing. That turned out to be a worthwhile stop for the man, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

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“I won $50 on one, and on the other I matched number ‘59’ with ‘Jackpot’ underneath. I knew what I was seeing, but I scanned the ticket to be sure. When a message came up to file a claim at the Lottery office, I knew that I’d really won the jackpot!”

The Michigan Lottery has several games which feed into one progressive jackpot.

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