Everytime the Winter Olympics are on, I'm always surprised how many people comment about the sport of Curling. It turns out, more and more Michigan residents are getting into it. We'll quickly explain what the sport is and show you the nine places in Michigan to try it out.

What is Curling?

Two teams play Curling on ice. They take turns sliding granite stones toward a target. The target is referred to as a "house."

Here's a quick tutorial:

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How do you get points in Curling?

  • Basically, after each team has slid, pushed(?) their stone thingy-s down the lane. The team with the most stones closest to the center dot or "house" gets a point. For instance, if a rock is right in the center for one team and a few feet away for the other -- the one on the spot (house) gets a point. More on that from Time.
  • A game is "8 ends long" or about two hours. (Olympic games are longer.)

What's with the brooms in Curling?

  • Teams are essentially creating friction with the brooms which make it easier for the giant granite stones to move down the ice. And you thought it looked like a strange toy/move right?

What gear is needed to play Curling?

  • Warm loose-fitting clothing. It's only 22-25 degrees on the ice.
  • Gloves
  • Hat (optional)
  • Clean, rubber soled shoes with warm socks (thank God no ice skates)
  • Sweeping brooms
Curling Stone
  • Curling stones (pictured above)
  • Good ice
  • Step on sliders for delivery.

This is all according to a curling supply place. If you're going to give it a shot, plan to keep your expectations minimal to have a good time. There's a lot more to learn if you want to play competitively.

Can You Believe Michigan Loves Curling So Much It Has 9 Clubs?

Curling Clubs from all around Michigan

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