There's a new kid in town and he's already stealing hearts.

The Detroit Zoo has welcomed a new baby chimp to the family. Zoo officials announced on social media that Tanya, a 31-year-old chimpanzee, had given birth to her baby on Friday, May 26th at the zoo. Officials said that Tanya, who was also born at the zoo, and her new son were both doing well.

"Tanya is an attentive mother, taking excellent care of her baby, but this is not a surprise; she has helped care for the troop’s youngest members, including 3-year-old Zane, for a long time", the post read. 

The new addition will join his "family' in The Great Apes of Harambee, the Detroit Zoo's chimpanzee exhibit. The area is a 4-acre habitat that is also home to western lowland gorillas. The new bundle of joy will be the 13th resident in the popular zoo area.

During the day the animals enjoy foraging, grooming, and playing like they would in their native African environment. During the winter months, the primates can be seen in their indoor viewing area.

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According to the Detroit Zoo post, Tanya and her new baby may not be visible to the public right away or for long periods as mom and baby adjust. Meeting the rest of the chimp group and habitats viewable by the public will be based on mom Tanya’s is feeling and her comfort zone.

You can get zoo hours and event information by clicking here. 

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