Restaurants around Genesee County with patios are like a magnet for customers every spring. After the first warm day, people are itching to dine outdoors.

Now, a favorite Flint area spot is creating a little outdoor oasis to take advantage of the season.

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What is Hill Road Grille building out front?

Heading toward US-23 this week, it was obvious a new addition was being built onto Hill Road Grille.

Credit Nate Reed
Credit Nate Reed

Looks like enough space for several tables under the shaded roof to enjoy one of their famous Mexican omelets & hash browns or a Reuben sandwich. (They serve breakfast all day. So, don't feel ashamed to be ordering eggs & sausage at 7pm.)

The only downside to dining outdoors in that area is traffic during rush hour. That's only going to intensify after Costco is built.

Their sister restaurant, Fenton Coney Grill on Leroy Street, has an amazing outdoor patio, but they also have a little more space to work with (below).

Credit Google Street View
Credit Google Street View

Where is Hill Road Grille located?

You can find them at 2160 West Hill Road, Flint, MI 48507. They're open Monday through Sunday 7am-8pm according to their website. Patio dining is a big draw for customers every summer and worth the investment even if it's only used for a few months each year.

Oh, if you've been trying to remember which restaurant was in that building before this, Thompson Creek Turkey Farm Restaurant & Deli.

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