Something Michigan needs caught my eye while I was mindlessly clicking around on the internet today.

There's proof of a spicy breakfast sandwich in the works at McDonald's... and I don't mean just a spicy sauce added to what's currently on the menu.

Is Michigan getting a Spicy McDonald's Breakfast Sandwich?

A Reddit thread of Mickey D's employees mentions the new spicy, pickled jalapeno bacon quarter pound burger that just rolled out around the country. Then, goes on to mention some locations are getting info on how to build a spicy breakfast sandwich.


Cheesy Jalapeno sausage mcmuffin with egg being added to the menu at my chain
by u/the_HatMaker in McDonaldsEmployees

The Sausage Egg McMuffin is the OG of fast-food breakfast sandwiches. If there's an option to add melted cheese and pickled jalapenos, that sounds amazing. (And it's something other chains don't offer, at least for breakfast sandwiches.)

If the Reddit group is accurate, the spiciness won't end there for the breakfast menu. Think of all the other items that could use the spicy kick. Maybe the McGriddle since it would make it a sweet-heat sandwich? What about the classic Egg McMuffin with Canadian bacon? The breakfast burrito could always get a spicy upgrade, too.

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For the fast-food aficionados, this version of jalapeno, cheesy, spicy goodness is different from the Canadian McDonald's offering.

When will the Cheesy Jalapeno Sausage Egg McMuffin be available?

It looks like a Mid-August release is possible around the country.  

New Cheesy Jalapeño Sausage Egg McMuffin Spotted At McDonald’s (Spotted in Texas and Louisiana. Nationwide on Aug. 15)
by u/Eaterup in fastfood

It's not clear if McDonald's was ready for the announcement to happen, yet.

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