Shoppers around Michigan loathe self-checkout lanes at grocery and other retailer.

Not because they're anti-technology. Rather, they're annoying as hell, unless you're anti-social or making a quick one-item trip.

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Shoppers find self-checkout frustrating.

Let's review the ways self-checkout is obnoxious.

  • Items won't scan properly or dealing with multiple bar codes.
  • Identifying produce takes too much time and can't possibly be right when we do it. How do we know the specific type of apple when most look the same?
  • Using coupons isn't easy.
  • Weighing items.
  • Entering your ID for necessary purchases means you're waiting on ONE cashier for 10 self-checkout stations.
  • Need an item deleted or changed? Be ready to wait five minutes for someone to punch in a code.
  • Of course, some people can't follow item count limits either.
Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

And, lastly, we're already shopping and paying for groceries.

We are literally paying the store to do the job of a cashier and/or bagger. Plus, they're charging more than ever for everything.

Is self-checkout going away in Michigan?

Retailers are learning we're fed up. They're also learning people can more easily steal items. And, if it's not stealing... it's messed up inventory because shoppers aren't employees.

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According to a CNN report, retailers with more self-checkout lanes have double the "loss" rate than their competitors with fewer.

That makes sense. Like the old saying, "nobody's minding the store."

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

They also report Wal-Mart, Costco and Five Below (among others) are making changes now. They're tired of customers lighting them up on social media -- and theft.

So, while self-checkout isn't going away entirely in Michigan, look for fewer self-checkout lanes in stores over the coming months.

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