As the world careens toward digital dominance, many seniors are being left out. Kroger, however, is easing up on its digital coupon rules in order to help those who struggle with phone apps and other digital platforms.

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Clipping coupons has gone from an activity that was done with scissors at the kitchen table to something that is done virtually on a phone or computer screen - but only if you have the skills necessary to navigate today's digital universe.

Kroger Takes Down Digital Barriers

Recognizing that some people are genuinely challenged by technology, Kroger is looking to tear down the digital divide that keeps some customers from taking advantage of sales.

The Cincinnati-based grocery chain issued a statement to WCPO-TV, saying that it plans to help accommodate senior citizens and people who are technologically challenged.

"We understand that not all customers choose to engage digitally...Customers who would like to take advantage of digital coupons can receive the discounted pricing at any customer service desk."

The company went on to say that smartphones are not required to use the chain's digital coupons.

"Customers do not need smartphones to access savings:

simply log onto and start clipping."

You can read the full statement here.

Editorial Note:

The irony of the last statement is not lost on us. We do, however, recognize that some people may be proficient at navigating the web on a computer while not being able to use smartphone technology.

The Bottom Line

Anyone who is unable to access sale prices and/or digital coupons at Kroger should go to the customer service desk in order to take advantage of the advertised deals.

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