Remember Corey Harris, the man caught driving while attending a virtual court hearing on a suspended license case? Turns out he may have gotten caught up in some good old Michigan red tape.

Driving to Virtual Court

Harris went viral last week when he showed up virtually in an Ann Arbor courtroom while pulling into a parking spot at his doctor's office. Harris was appearing before Judge Cedric Simpson who was anything but pleased that Harris was behind the wheel while appearing on a suspended license matter.

You can see the clip that went viral here.

After the incident, Harris was ordered to report to the Washtenaw County Jail, where he spent two days.

Michigan May Owe Him an Apology

But Harris may have the law on his side after all.

He spoke with Detroit's WXYZ-TV and explained that he wasn't thinking about driving on a suspected license when his wife was experiencing medical issues that required a doctor's visit.

But while seeking medical help is not a valid excuse for driving on a suspended license, Harris claims his license should not have been suspended in the first place.

Michigan Red Tape

According to WXYZ, Secretary of Stae records indicate that Harris' license was indeed suspended in 2010 for unpaid child support in Saginaw County.

Then in 2022, that license suspension was rescinded by a Michigan judge, thereby allowing Harris to once again get behind the wheel. But that information was not properly communicated to the Michigan Secretary of State - so while Harris had technically been driving on a suspended license, that suspension should have been lifted.

In the video below, Harris says he has gone back to the Secretary of State in order to resolve the matter.

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