Michigan has made another list. This one isn't a great look either. The thing is, it's Michiganders putting us there -- we apparently did this to ourselves with a little help from Ohio.

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Is Michigan one of the most hated states in the US?

  • Unfortunately, it's true. And it isn't just because the state of Ohio loathes us. According to a national survey from Best Life, Michigan ranks #6. That puts us immediately behind Florida (5), Oklahoma (4), California (3), Texas (2) and New Jersey holding down the number one spot.
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How was it determined Michiganders hate Michigan so much?

A handful of factors helped to create an "index."

  • Population Change (positive or negative growth). Michigan's was -.2%
  • State Pride. Michigan clocked in at 28%. Incredibly disappointing to me. Sure, winter can be rough, but summers are beautiful here. Maybe it's the potholes?
  • States That Hate It. Of course, our nemesis, Ohio hates us the most. Yet, somehow, they're ranked slightly better at #13.
  • Population of States That Hate It. Ohio has over 11.6 million people that mostly hate Michigan.
  • Hatred Index. All of the above combined result in Michigan receiving a 326.

Which states are most-loved in the US?

There isn't anything near Michigan people are loving. On this list, being "at the bottom" is the best.

  • #50 is Idaho. I mean, potatoes probably do make everything better. Its "Hatred Index is -300+.
  • #49 Utah
  • #48 Washington (state)
  • #47 Nevada
  • #46 Arizona
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Having lived in Ohio, Oklahoma and Florida. I always thought each state had its own good vibes. Granted, it was a struggle to deal with Ohio State fans. The truth is, natives to any state are always down on their own home, so to speak. If only we could shake the self-hatred... run for office, get involved to make things better. Oh, wait... that's Utopia and that doesn't exist.

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