An Ottawa County man who won $1 million on a Michigan Lottery instant ticket says he celebrated his win so loudly that he woke his one-year-old daughter from her nap.

Adam Meloch says he was cashing in another winning ticket when he decided to buy some 'Cashword Times 20' instant tickets. That decision paid off.

“I had been pretty lucky playing Club Keno and when I cashed my ticket, I decided to buy a few Cashwords,” Meloche said. “The second one I scratched was the $1 million winner.”


He Couldn't Believe His Eyes

Meloch tells the Michigan Lottery he looked at the ticket over and over, and couldn't believe it was a winner.

“When I scratched the ticket off, I must have looked it over 100 times to make sure I was reading it right,” said Meloche. “I remembered to scan it with my phone and when it said I had won $1 million, I was shocked.


Don't Wake the Baby

When it became clear to Meloche that he'd actually won the $1 million prize, he accidentally broke parenting rule number one:  Never wake a baby that's napping.

“I called everyone I could think of to share the good news, but no one was answering their phones! I was celebrating so loud; I woke my one-year-old daughter up from her nap!”

Mr. Meloche tells the lottery he plans to be smart with his winnings. He also plans to splurge a little and says he'll spoil his wife and daughter just a little.


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