Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook. In today's tech world, you're almost guaranteed to have one if not more of those or the countless other apps on your phone.

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Maybe you find yourself sick of seeing certain apps, or maybe it's the way people use them, or how those re-posts from other apps floor your feeds, but truth be told there's bound to be an app your just flat-out hate. News flash, you aren't alone.

PC Mag must have been feeling your app pain and decided to put together a list to let users know "What's the Most Hated App in Your State?". According to their website, the data was finalized when,

"Electronics Hub analyzed geotagged tweets about cryptocurrency, dating, entertainment, money transfer, and social media apps and found that some are universally disliked".

So what app do Michiganders hate the most? Let's just say we'd rather not "talk" about it.

The study showed the most hated app in Michigan is the user-generated content website, Reddit. Michigan joined 7 other states in sharing its displeasure with the app including South Carolina and Kansas.

So why Reddit? It's hard to say, but we can only summarize that those in Michigan are more cut to the chase rather than a network of communities analyzing and over-discussing.

For the record, Tinder is the most hated app in the country with 21 states despising it Be sure to share that stat on Facebook where you're sure to the tons of likes...only 3 states hate that app.

Check out the full map below.


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