Looks like Mother Nature has decided to finally let spring arrive and that means summer is just around the corner for Michigan. With warm temps on the horizon, it also means it's feeding season for mosquitos.

Most Michiganders will admit when it comes to mosquitoes, our state seems to be bombarded with them when summer arrives. The city of Detroit ranks 8th on Orkin’s list of most mosquito-ridden cities. Unfortunately, in 2021 mosquitoes in Michigan tested positive for EEE, the disease affects both horses and humans, which means stirring clear of being bitten is a must.

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This year as you start your seasonal migration to the local nurseries and garden shops, you may want to consider adding a few new plants to your sunny landscapes...plants with a purpose. When it comes to our gardens, surrounding yourself with growing beauty and delicious fruits & vegetables tends to be the main focus, but there's also a big opportunity to put those plants to work.

Over the past few years, there has been more talk regarding the pros and cons of using insect repellent due to its chemical makeup. Although, still a good way to protect yourself from the little bloodsuckers known as mosquitoes, many look for natural alternatives to protect themselves from getting bitten. That's where the planting comes in.

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There are several plants you can add to your garden or deck planters that mosquitoes and other biting insects seem to dislike. Most of those plants are strong-smelling herbs and flowering plants, and keep the unwanted "guests" away. Thanks to Mother Nature there are some easy natural ways to still enjoy the great outdoors without becoming a "free-for-all' buffet for summer's little vampires.

So as you start planning your planting for 2024, maybe consider adding something from the list below to your list to make this summer a little more bite & scratch-free.

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