Say it isn't so! For the first time in over 100 years, Michigan may find itself in a not-so-sweet situation.

Sanders, the iconic Michigan confectionery, is facing a bittersweet predicament: they're running out of their famous Bumpy Cake. Yes, you read that right! The delectable, irresistible Bumpy Cake that has tantalized our taste buds for generations is now in limited supply and may be gone forever.

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Vic Mehren, the CEO of Sanders' parent company Second Nature Brands, announced the sour news on the brand's Facebook page this week that the iconic treat created by Sanders founder Fred Sander may be no more.

"In August of this year, Minnie Marie Bakers, Inc., our longtime Bumpy Cakes bakery partner, announced they would be closing their bakery in Livonia. Long-known as Awrey’s, this is where Bumpy Cakes had been produced for many years. When we received this unexpected news, we began an exhaustive search for a new bakery partner to take over making Sanders Bumpy Cakes", Mehren wrote."After conversations with more than a dozen bakeries, we have not yet found a new partner who can maintain the high quality and classic taste that our consumers expect and deserve. Unfortunately, this means that Bumpy Cakes will soon be out of stock until we can find a new bakery partner with the capabilities to get us back into production".
Mehren said the company has spoken with more than a dozen bakeries, but they have not found a replacement for Awrey's as of now. That means once the cakes sell out they could be unavailable for some time.

How You Can Get a Sanders Bumpy Cake Before They Run Out

Mehren wants fans of the legendary sweet treat to know they can still purchase Bumpy Cakes at Sanders stores, online at, or at select Michigan retailers, Keep in mind, based on our estimates, they will likely be out of stock by the end of the year. so act fast.
Sanders has been a staple in Michigan since Fred Sanders opened his first chocolate shop in Detroit on June 17, 1875. Since then family celebrations, parties, and holidays have been sweeter. Let's hope the tradition of the Bumpy Cake continues.

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