Summer festival season is officially underway in Michigan. This is the time of year when towns and communities across the state come together to celebrate, from small towns to themed events.

As Swartz Creek Hometown Days approaches, this popular community festival is gearing up for some significant changes to enhance the experience for all attendees. Festival organizers announced the changes and guidelines on social media on May 18th and opinions were quick to fly.

First, and most notably, Swartz Creek Hometown Days will implement an entry fee of $5. They describe it in their release as being required daily to "make a purchase" and receive one ride ticket. In the past entry to the festival grounds was free, and may attend to just walk around and view the vendors and free activities aside from the rides. They do state anyone under the age of 8 or over the age of 55 will not be required to pay the $5.

The second big change was the announcement that the carnival ride area would be completely fenced in for 2024. This area was traditionally open as the entire festival was aside from the beer tent area. The committee assures attendees this will not cut down on the amount of carnival rides the yearly downtown event has.

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Also, those attending Swartz Creek Hometown Days will see new restrictions on bags  No backpacks, fanny packs, or drawstring bags will be allowed at the festival. There will also be no face coverings, weapons, or smoking of any kind allowed. Age requirements will be anyone under the age of 18 will need an adult with them after 7:00 pm.

These enhancements are designed to create a safer and more controlled environment for all attendees.

"This year's 2024 Swartz Creek Hometown Days will feature many changes and new additions, all in the name of safety and maintaining a community-focused event", the post on Facebook read. "These are zero-tolerance rules and will be enforced during our festival weekend".

Opinions were quick on social media after the announcement. Many seemed upset more the the new $5 fee to enter, even with the ride ticket.

"It’s sad it has come to this. $5 to get in. Our family use to go every day, play bingo, watch the activities, grab some fair food and such. Spend money with in the fair grounds. Can’t say we will pay $5 every day to grab some fair food or play bingo."


"Some people just love to come and shop, look around, people watch. Charging $5 for this is not right. We don't have kids to ride the rides. I hope this works out for you as I won't be visiting this year."


"These changes are being made to keep people safer and maybe deter trouble from coming That’s worth $5 in my eyes In the meantime raise better kids I guess".


Swartz Creek Hometown Day kicks off Thursday, May 30, and runs through Sunday, June 2nd. If you have any questions or concerns visit their website, or call (810) 922-0790.

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