As we navigate through another winter storm in mid-Michigan, we thought we'd look back at those Top 10 heaviest snowstorms in Flint.

January saw the 45th Anniversary of the big Blizzard of 78'. Although the storm that tore through Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and southeastern Wisconsin over the course of three days that January, dumped as much as 28 inches in some areas across the state, Flint only received about 9 inches of the white stuff which paled in comparison the 30 inches Muskegon had and Saginaw’s 22 inches.

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Even though Flint escaped the "big one", the area has had its fair share of big storms. Although the general area isn't considered part of Michigan's Snowbelt regions, like the Northwest side of the state, and northern Michigan, we still have measured some serious snow over the years.

The National Weather Service has records on measurable snowstorms that go back to 1921. With storms ranging from 1923 to 2014, and occurring as late in the season as May, here are Flint's Top 10 Heaviest Snowstorms;

  1. 22.7 inches January 26-27, 1967
  2. 17.3 inches April 2-3, 1975
  3. 17.1 inches January 4-5, 2014
  4. 14.0 inches December 11-12, 2000
  5. 13.7 inches March 16-17, 1973
  6. 13.4 inches November 6-7, 1951
  7. 12.9 inches February 24-25,1965
  8. 12.5 inches January 13-14, 1979
  9. 12.1 inches December 18-19, 1929
  10. 12.0 inches May 9, 1923

Data: NSW

The most recent storm to add a punch to the totals was February 2, 2022, with a snowfall amount of 11 inches in Flint.

Technically winter officially starts on December 21st and ends on March 19th giving us plenty of time to break a few records here in Genesee County.

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