Flint loves its chicken sandwiches, burgers & fries and this newcomer to the fast-food, fast-casual game has been a welcome addition to Genesee County.

Savvy Sliders

They're quickly becoming known for juicy chicken tenders, flavorful sliders made of angus steak, chicken or cod, rich sauces and hand-spun milkshakes. The Flint area already has two Savvy Slider locations:

  • Hill & Fenton Roads
  • Richfield Road near Genesee Road

Soon, we'll be getting another one at 1274 N Ballenger Hwy in Flint, MI 48504.

Savvy Sliders started in Michigan.

According to a recent post by Crain's Detroit Business, Savvy Sliders started in Commerce Township (just north of Wixom and Novi/I-96). Now, with over 30 Michigan locations mostly around Metro Detroit, a couple in Ohio & Florida, the franchise is expanding to Texas. Its first location will be in San Antonio with several more slated to open throughout the year in the state. Tennessee is also on the horizon.

Who started Savvy Sliders in Michigan?

If you've ever heard of Michigan-famous Happy's Pizza, its founder, Happy Asker, started the concept in 2018. Crain's reports Vice President of Business Development, Mark Wolok, states one restaurant can generate nearly $1.8 million in revenue, annually. You'll need between $500k-ish to $900k-ish to get started, though.

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Considering Happy's Pizza has over 50 locations in Michigan, it seems like Savvy Sliders is on its way to surpassing that, all around the US, within the next year or so. If you're not worried about calories or fat intake, don't forget the shake.

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