For the last few years, we've hosted a contest to "Light Up the Community" around the holidays, in Genesee County. This year, like past years, we're so delighted by the number of entrants and their creativity when it comes to Christmas Light Displays.

Who was the winner of Light Up the Community in Genesee County, MI?

We're proud to announce this year's winner of the $500 prize provided by ELGA Credit Union: Troy Tyler. His family's display isn't just massive, but a tradition, he told us, grows by a few more lights every year.

Credit TSM and Winner Troy Tyler
Credit TSM and Winner Troy Tyler

Tyler tells us "My daughters just got me another Christmas display piece for my birthday. So, that will be added to this year's display." His strategy involves heading out the day after Christmas to get more lights on clearance for the next year's display. Tyler admits he's like a real-life Clark Griswold. When ask he proudly says "Yes, I am."

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Speaking of Clark, here's the clip with the lights.

Troy Tyler mentioned the $500 will help pay the electric bill, next month... and maybe help with buying more lights, too.

As someone who loves Christmas and light displays -- I can't get enough of everyone's enthusiasm & creativity this time of year. For all of us with homes you can see from space because of so many lights -- Congratulations to the Tyler family for helping "Light Up The Community" in Genesee County.

Where are the best Christmas light displays?

See all of the entrants for Light Up The Community, here:

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