Several months ago I was asked to be a contestant in a charity event, and I agreed with no hesitation. It was as I found out more and more about the event that the hesitation really kicked in. Why would I be hesitant you ask? The event was called 'The 2015 Queen of Kings All-Male Comedy Beauty Pageant.'

The event took place at the new Food Bank facilities on Howard Avenue in Flint on Saturday night. Four other gentlemen and I were comfortable enough in our own skin to parade around half-naked for charity. But a few other local celebrities backed out at the last minute (I won't mention any names... Marc Jacobson!).

There were four rounds of competition, a swimsuit round, a talent round, an evening gown round, and a question round. Prancing around in a bikini is not my idea of fun, and I'm not gonna lie... I felt much better once I got into my dress! All-in-all, we raised over $1,600 for the Food Bank in less than two hours! Not only that, I got to make fun of my wife in front of a captive audience!

Yes, I was nervous and even a little scared, but at the end of the day it was well worth sacrificing my dignity. After all, with the 6-to-1 dollar ratio, we brought in $10,034 to feed people, and I feel really good about that! Check out my first attempt at stand up in more than 13 years in the video below.

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