You may remember me telling you about our puppy Izzie, the dog who suffers from Obsessive Oversized Puppy Syndrome.  She is just over a year now, and I am happy to report that she has calmed down... a little.

When we got her, we thought she was a Beagle, but it turns out she is a Coon Hound.  We have no plans to train her for hunting, but I found out this week that you can't stop a dog's instincts.

I hit a raccoon earlier this week.  I didn't kill it, and I know this because it hissed at me when I got out to see what happened.  It didn't do nearly as much damage as the deer I hit last fall, but I guess dodging wildlife comes with living on a dirt road.

I let Izzie and her older, much smaller "sister" Carly go out front each night and I stay out with them.  The night that I hit the raccoon, something woke up in Izzie.  Her hunting instincts kicked in.  Instead of sniffing the majority of our front yard like she normally does, she spent about five minutes virtually sniffing the paint off of my car.  She sniffed the impact site, the undercarriage, the back wheel... basically any part of the car that the raccoon brushed up against.

I couldn't help but laugh as she was frantically doing laps around my car.  At one point it looked like she was going to change my oil.  I couldn't get a video, but I did snap several photos.  As irritated as I get with that dog sometimes, watching her freak out made my week.