Is there a Jimi Hendrix fan in your life? You may want to take note of this.

The biopic about Hendrix 'Jimi: All is by My Side' that was released earlier this year now has a date for DVD and Blu-Ray release. Unfortunately, it won't be out in time to put under the tree or stuff a stocking. The release date is January 13th, 2015. Maybe Valentines Day?

The movie was written by Academy Award winner John Ridley and stars Andre 'Andre 3000' Benjamin of Outkast fame in the title role. It focuses on 1966-67 from Hendrix's arrival in London to his legendary performance at the Monterey Pop Festival.

The movie caused some controversy at the very beginning when the Hendrix estate refused to let any of his music to be featured in the film. Instead a trio of musicians were hired to perform the soundtrack.

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