It was announced earlier this week that a Michigan University is offering a cannabis chemistry scholarship. A cannabis-testing lab by the name of Steadfast Labs is offering annual $1,200 scholarships for Lake Superior State University students enrolled in the cannabis chemistry program.

In 2019, LSSU in Sault Ste. Marie opened the first cannabis chemistry program in the nation. The program offers an associates and bachelors degree, teaching students how to analyze and cannabis-related compounds and contaminants.

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Of course, Jimmy Fallon, the host of "The Tonight Show" couldn't help but poke fun at the scholarship. Below is the clip from the show, you can fast forward to 4:13 to see the bit on the LSSU.

He started off by saying, "It's a two year program that takes roughly 12 years to complete. Admission will be based on combined scores from STAs, ACTs and THCs."

and since the munchies are a thing, obviously Fallon had to throw in a joke about that, "That's right it's the only scholarship that comes with a years supply of Flamin' Hot Cheetos."

He closed out the bit about the scholarship by impersonating the "head of the cannabis board" William Nelson saying, "When you graduate, you move your braid to the left."

According to the Detroit Free Press and a news release from the dean of the College of Science and the Environment at LSSU, Dr. Steven Johnson, the scholarship supports the future and safety in the cannabis industry.

By funding this scholarship, Steadfast Labs again demonstrates their commitment to supporting future chemists who will enter the workforce and provide public safety in the cannabis field.

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