When you have reached worldwide success, what do you do next? Go to Disney World? Nope, you create your own damn drink.

Joe Rogan has teamed up with Kill Cliff to create a limited time only CBD energy drink called Flaming Joe. According to Rogan's Instagram page, he has been working with with Kill Cliff, a clean energy drink company, for months to get this drink right. Rogan claims they 'nailed it' - and now you can try it for yourself.

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The CBD-infused clean energy drink includes 25mg of CBD that was derived from 125mg of broad-spectrum hemp. Popular food website Delish, describes the sugar free drink to have a pineapple and jalapeno taste.

The only time I have ever had an energy drink is when it was mixed with vodka. I tried a Red Bull and vodka, I did not particularity care for it. I do enough damage to my body with tequila shots, I don't need to add energy drinks into the mix.

What about you? Do you suck down Monster drinks like Chris Monroe? I think Chris may have scaled back on his energy drink consumption, but for many years you could not walk into the studio, or get in the Banana truck without seeing 3 or 4 empty cans of Monster Energy drinks. That being said, Chris does like Joe Rogan, so a 'Flaming Joe' could be his new drink of choice.

Will you be trying one? If you do, let me know what you think of it. Who knows, it may go great with tequila?

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