Joe Walsh says he'd like to ride with the James Gang once again.  He tells "Rolling Stone" it's something that has been on his mind since the group'sprevious reunion back in 2006. Walsh explains that five years ago he, Jimmy Fox, and Dale Peters got back together just to see if they "still had it," adding that they "pretty much did."  He admits that since that time he's been wanting to work with them again, but he's "just been so darn busy with the Eagles."  However, Joe says the Eagles

are making plans for the latter half of 2012, which leaves the first six months of the year open for him to do other things, and in that time he'd like to record as well as tour with the James Gang.

While nothing official is set regarding another James Gang reunion, Walsh says he also has a solo album ready for release.  He explains that he just finished he project, and he's hoping it will hit stores in February or March.


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