Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan, Cindy .... and John 5? Many of us felt like an honorary Brady growing up, but John 5 recently had a chance to experience that while visiting the Brady Bunch home that's been renovated for HGTV's A Very Brady Renovation series.

“Being at The Brady Bunch house was probably the strangest experience of my life because when they let me in the house, I knew where everything was," the guitarist told Variety. "[I knew] where the kitchen was, where are the bedrooms were, where Alice’s room was. I knew my way around the whole house like I’ve lived there for 40 years. Cindy said they’ve adopted me as the ‘Bad Brady.’”

So how did John 5 score an invite to the Brady house? He was invited by Susan Olsen, the actress who played Cindy Brady on the original series. Olsen recently appeared in John 5's video for "Zoinks!" off his Invasion album and knew of his Brady Bunch love.

“It was like taking a little boy to a toy store,” Olsen stated. “When people walk into the house, they magically turn into children, and John is just the kind of child you want to spoil rotten because he’s so lovable.”

In addition to Olsen, John 5 took advantage of the opportunity to snap shots with each of the Brady siblings, minus Jan (Eve Plumb). See some of those shots below.

As you can see, the guitarist even posed for a shot with Cindy's doll Kitty Carryall. “A John 5/Rob Zombie poster is what the girls’ room needs,” laughed Olsen. “Right over in Cindy’s corner… next to the H.R. Giger prints.”

The Studio City home that served as the exterior for the Brady Bunch house in the popular series was purchased by HGTV in 2018 for $3.5 million. As part of the series, they've turned the inside of the home to mirror what viewers saw on the series. The renovation was completed in May of this year, with the A Very Brady Renovation series starting last month on HGTV.

As for John 5, he definitely has a thing for TV themes, as evidenced in the previous episode of Loudwire's Gear Factor seen below. You can also catch John 5 supporting his Invasion album at these dates.

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