Jon Bon Jovi believes that his 17-year-old son Jacob fought off a "mild version" of the coronavirus.

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"The whole family is together, all the kids are here with us, Bon Jovi told Entertainment Tonight when asked how he's faring during the pandemic. "We've been here 15 days now... Jake had a mild version of it, just the intestinal kind."

While noting that Jacob (second from left in the photo above) didn't take a coronavirus test because it's "pretty difficult to get one," Bon Jovi said the family created a quarantine zone for the youngster. Under his wife Dorothea's strict rules, "no one could go in there unless they had gloves and a mask... she had a backrobe on backwards and different slippers. We kept him in there until all of the symptoms had cleared, and now he's a hundred percent."

Last week Bon Jovi's longtime bandmate, keyboardist David Bryan, reported that he had tested positive for the virus but was "feeling better every day" and was confident he would soon recover fully. In recent days, Riot guitarist Lou 'L.A.' Kouvaris and "I Love Rock 'N Roll" songwriter Alan Merrill have both died after reportedly exhibiting coronavirus symptoms.

The family of singer-songwriter John Prine reported that he is currently in critical condition after contracting the virus.

Over the past few weeks, an increasing number of cities and states have issued stay-at-home orders in an effort to slow the spread of the potentially deadly virus. Bans on mass gatherings have resulted in the postponement or cancellation of all concerts, cultural and sporting events.

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