If you're of a certain age there is most likely a Judy Blume book that reads like your diary growing up. For many,  Blume's 'Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret' is at the top of the list for childhood memories. Now a whole new generation, along with some revisits, will get a chance to see the iconic book come to life on the big screen.

After almost 50 years since it was first published, author Judy Blume has finally agreed to sell the film rights. Lionsgate is developing a movie based Blume's novel with “The Edge of Seventeen” director Kelly Fremon Craig. Along with Producers James L. Brooks’ Gracie Films the coming of age tale is about to be retold. Blume will also act as a producer.

'Are you there God? It's me, Margaret' follows a sixth grader as she moves from the city to the suburbs and prays to God to watch over her as she navigates through her anxieties, including puberty with those changes to her body and her emotions. “This title was an anthem when we first read it as teens, and it remains timeless and relevant because nothing has captured the coming-of-age experience with the same authenticity, truth and respect. For that reason, Judy Blume is a beacon for women and girls. Kelly Fremon Craig is a filmmaker we have adored and chased for years, and James L Brooks is a hero to us all,” said Lionsgate’s president of production Erin Westerman.

You would be hard to find a woman that didn't read a Judy Blume book growing up, especially this one. From boys, to parents, to get getting older, Blume captured a piece of almost every girl's life at the time. Timing may be perfect in falling back to the innocence of growing up.

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