Ticketmaster came under fire yesterday (April 14) for quietly changing their refund policy amid the coronavirus pandemic. Katie Porter, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, has now taken a public shot at the ticketing giant, calling them out for having “the worst customer service in any industry.”

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With the change in Ticketmaster’s policy, refunds are no longer being offered for rescheduled shows, even if ticket holders can’t make the new date. This didn’t sit well with Porter, who went viral at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic for getting CDC director Robert Redfield to guarantee free COVID-19 testing for all Americans.

Porter has now set her sights on Ticketmaster after retweeting an article from Lambgoat:

I applaud Ticketmaster for continuing to shine in what is apparently a competition to provide the worst customer service in any industry. Exorbitant ticket fees for negligible benefits—now taking advantage of a crisis to line their pockets? Next level.

Ticketmaster have yet to make a public announcement regarding their change in policy, leading to users on social media to raiding Ticketmaster’s most recent posts.

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