Be careful who you accept food from. Reports out of Ohio indicate some middle school students are accused of putting body fluids in food given to teachers. When I say body fluids, I am talking about piss and semen. WTF? Feel free to barf now.

An investigation is underway after reports of the fluids being placed into crepes that teachers at Hyatts Middle School in Powell ate. Officials are not saying how many kids were involved or how many teachers ate the tainted crepes. The  food was supposedly tainted during a cooking competition. To be clear, no charges have yet to be filed, but the food is/was reportedly being tested.

I am disgusted by this story on so many levels. If something like this ever happened to me, I swear on Jon Bon Jovi - after I was done puking, I would be fighting to have whoever after I was done puking, I would be fighting to have whoever was responsible, punished to the highest extent of the law. I freak out if I get hair in my food, let alone pee and semen. UGH!

I really hope this did not happen for the sake of the teachers involved. If you want to make your own crepe, see the video below. Trust no one.

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