Kiss manager Doc McGhee ruled out the possibility of former Kiss members donning masks if any guest at the band’s final show.

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Expected to take place next year, it remains unknown whether Ace Frehley, Peter Criss or anyone else might take part, although discussions have been held with several people.

Asked if the replaced co-founders or former guitarist Bruce Kulick might be seen onstage that night, McGhee told Vinyl Writer Music, “Honestly, I don’t know. You can invite them, but they may not come. They may come, they may not come, and we might not invite them. We’ve talked to them, and we’ve talked about it.”

He noted Frehley and Criss "were part of it, they aided in starting this band and they should be part of the end of this. They started this, so in some way, they should be able to share that spotlight on the way out." but, he cautioned, "regardless of if it happens or not, you’re not going to get six guys up there in makeup. That’s not going to happen.”

McGhee will have managed Kiss for 28 years by the time they take their expected final bow, having guided them since they started working toward an original-lineup reunion in 1995. Asked which memory would stand out most to him, he said, “I’ll always remember and be proud of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction just because they dislike Kiss so much!

"Other than that, it’ll probably be the last show that I’ll remember most. As far as the accomplishments, you know, I can only be the ringleader. It’s my job to have all the participants fired up, and ready to make it happen. … I’m like a coach on a football team, you know? I have to devise plays, I have to motivate, and they have to respond to that. You know what? They always have, and that makes me very proud."

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