Kiss founder Paul Stanley, seems to agree with Gene Simmons' much-discussed "rock is dead" declaration. Paul insists that the group would have a much tougher road if it were trying to begin their career under today industry standards.

"We’d be f---ed, in plain English," he explained in an interview with  Joe Rogan. "Because the music industry as it exists today isn’t even an industry, it’s just shambles. And now artists are in a position to have to take what the public, so to speak, is willing to give them."

They spoke about the digital technology of today, and Stanley voiced his displeasure with file sharing.  "File sharing is just a fancy way of saying stealing. You can’t share what you don’t own. It’s like me saying, 'transportation borrowing,' and I steal your car.”

Stanley also spoke about the difficulty in today's world to keep their identity secret.  "Now, you have paparazzi, [who] are a breed at this point, whereas back then, you could literally have somebody take your photo, and we would have guys run over and pull the film. You can’t do that now. It was uncharted territory."

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