KISS have done their part in introducing many a name band to their fans over the years, but their latest appearance has an international flare to it. The veteran rock band has teamed with Japanese girl group Momorio Clover Z on a new track called 'Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina,' which is one of two tracks that KISS did with the group. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the song will be released on Jan. 28.

The first taste of the new music has appeared in a :50 second video trailer that can be seen above. As can be viewed, the clip features the girls initially as animated superheroes before the live action takes over. Once that happens, the girls appear ready to go into battle against the gigantic KISS members who tower over Momorio Clover Z as they rock out. While KISS deliver some hard rocking licks on the song, the vocals in the teaser video are strictly those of the girl group.

KISS have chosen Momorio Clover Z to open their show on March 3 at the Tokyo Dome, so the singles likely tie in to the promotion for the event. The other track, titled 'Samurai Son,' was co-written by Paul Stanley and will appear on the 'KISS Version' of the single's two CD releases.

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