I just got back to the radio station after attempting to get lunch. A trip that should have taken 20 minutes (if that) turned in to one hour.

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I first stopped at the Subway on Bristol Road in Burton. I parked, got out of the car and started walking toward the building. I tried one door, it was locked. No big, I walked toward a second door - also locked. There was a sign posted on the door that read something like due to lack of staff drive thru orders only. I wish now I would have taken a picture of it.

I get it, believe me I see these types of signs at restaurants a lot. You know what I am talking about, please be patient signs, etc. Like I said, no big. I planned on on ordering in the drive thru, but I couldn't. In the short time it took me to walk back to my car, I was blocked in by everyone else in the drive thru. I had to wait like 10 minutes to even be able to leave. You may or may not know this, but I do have a short fuse so I was over it.I am not mad at Subway, I am mad at the dumb lady that refused to let me even back out.

Once I was able to leave I thought screw it, I will just order a salad from Puzzler's Pub. I called and called and called and no one answered. According to their Facebook page they are open. Once I drove by I did not see any cars in the parking lot. I just had lunch there a few weeks ago. Their Facebook page states that they are open - I certainly hope everything is okay. Maybe they just open later now, a lot of businesses have had to change hours due to lack of employees.

I am sure by now you are dying to know what I ended up getting for lunch. Wait for it -Subway. I ended up at the one on Center Road. Shout out to the staff there and all of you who are currently busting your butts in the service industry.

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