This winter's brutal cold and snow have pushed every school district in Lapeer past their limit of days off for students. All of them have already used up their allowed snow days allocated by the State of Michigan. So, what to do now? They do have a plan!     Different districts have different plans. The state is currently re-evaluating the requirements that schools must meet, so many districts are waiting to see the outcome of those meetings. Options include extending the school days by adding 10-15 minutes each day, reducing the allotted days of spring or Easter break, or possibly extending the school year by the number of day that the district is short of meeting the state guidelines.
Almont, Dryden, Imlay City, Lakeville, North Branch, and Lapeer Community Schools all have their eyes on February as the time to re-evaluate the situation. By then there will have been some decisions made by the state, and it will also allow for a clearer picture of how much time must be made up. With the potential for more winter weather, they don't want to react too quickly.

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