If you need additional proof that we have wrecked the planet here it is, a warm-up is on the way for the next week to a week in a half for Lapeer County.

Before you get bent out of shape about my 'proof that we have wrecked the planet' line, calm down. It is sarcasm. I do believe there is a climate crisis, but I am not here to debate that here with nonbelievers. I am simply here to tell you that the heat is on weatherwise (so to speak) in Lapeer County.

To clarify, 51 degrees is not necessarily a heatwave, but in December - I will take it. That is the expected high for this Saturday, December 11th. As you will see in the extended forecast below, Lapeer County will be a mixed bag in terms of temperature. For the most part, we will be in the '40s and if everything goes according to plan, on Thursday, December 16th, we will see a high of 57 degrees.


If you own a snow plowing business - don't panic. Winter does not officially start until December 21st. I am quite sure we will experience our fair share of snow. As a matter of fact, right now it looks like we will see a little snowfall on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

That being said, you know the saying - If you don't like the weather in Michigan, wait a minute it will change. Regardless of the weather situation, someone will be bitching. Remember when you were complaining about it being too hot outside in the summer? Are you currently complaining about being cold? Full disclosure I was complaining about the cold weather the last few days, but you will never hear me complain about the heat. Anyone else planning on firing up the grill for the next week?

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