It has been a quarter of a century, but the Lapeer Farmers' Market might be making some major changes that could put it at a real risk of surviving past this year. A "Farmers' Market Advisory Committee", says the Farmers' Market has to make some significant changes.

The committee says the farmers can no longer have truck stalls along Nepessing Street at the market and that market master Denise Becker will not be allowed to turn any vendors away. She is also responsible for growing the market by five vendors a year, and they may not even allow vendors to set up stalls on the grass.

For the farmers that conduct their sales out of truck stalls, it could really change their mind. They pay extra for those truck stalls and the elimination could be disasterous for the market.

The city commission has already approved the market for this year, but next year could certainly be at risk. Some vendors feel these changes will cause the market to close down when they are applied. The first day of the market for this summer is scheduled for May 3rd.

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