In a world where evolution is inevitable, the only statement that will always remain true, and unarguable, is... "the only thing that stays the same is everything changes."  For some, change is welcome in any shape or form. For others, change is "scary." But, for our taste buds, change is needed every now and again.  The question is: what's needed?

In Lapeer County, we have so many options for food consumption. Do you want a burger? Great! You are probably no further than a few miles from multiple choices. Are you looking for a nice sit-down meal? Again, you are probably no further than a few exits away from something your belly has been craving. But ... what's missing in your opinion?

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We've All Got Them ... 

We have fast food alleys in every town. We have bars offering "bar food" in every town.  Almost every small town has sit-down restaurants, ranging from the go-to chains like Big Boy and Leo's, as well as your town's favorite Ma n Pa choices, like Brian's Restaurant or Woodchips BBQ of Lapeer, offering delicious choices for most cravings, Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner!

So, with multiple sub shops, coffee joints, burger stops, and sit-down points... what is Lapeer County still missing?

Do we need someplace that specializes in seafood? (All you can eat crab legs sounds like something I would push for if asked where I would like to go out to eat) Do we need an All-You-Can-Eat establishment, like a Golden Corral/Old Country Buffet, where you can take the entire family for tons of choices at a decent price? Or do we need more "specialty" restaurants, like Greek, Thai, Italian, to choose from?

Join The Discussion

Let us know what YOU think! Who knows, your suggestion could be the next big thing in Lapeer County. Either way, I am going to start researching fitness & weight loss as I feel I have gained 10lbs just thinking of where I would like to eat next.

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