State Representatives Abdullah Hammoud  and Robert Wittenberg introduced House Bills 4194 and 4193, respectively, which would amend the Consumer Protection Act. Together, the bills would eliminate the expiration date on gift cards and would also classify certain prepaid discount cards as gift cards. Prepaid discount cards are items used to purchase goods, services or classes at a price or percentage below the normal price. This pro-consumer legislation follows in the footsteps of other states that have voted to extend consumer rights on this topic.

“This type of consumer protection legislation is a no-brainer for me,” Wittenberg said. “I believe when customers pay hard-earned money for gift cards, for friends or relatives, they should then be able to redeem those gifts without expiration.”

Federal law requires a five-year minimum for expiration dates on gift cards and certificates. Several states have passed laws to address this topic. Some states have extended the expiration date, while others have prohibited expiration dates on gift cards.





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