Mountain co-founder Leslie West has had a rough few years. Back in 2011, he lost his left leg to diabetes, causing the legendary guitarist and singer to consider quitting music for good.

Things have turned around since then, though. Last year he was given a vehicle that made touring a possibility for him, and this fall he'll release 'Still Climbing' -- his first album in two years.

West considers 'Still Climbing' a sequel to 'Unusual Suspects,' which was released just after his leg amputation in 2011. "I’m lucky it wasn’t one of my hands or I’d be screwed," said the 67-year-old West in a press release announcing the album.

"It was a difficult struggle, and after the amputation I didn’t know whether I’d ever want to or be able to perform again," he said. "A month later I played at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp in New York City, and I heard my guitar on stage and that was it. I knew I had to keep going."

The new album features collaborations with rockers like Jonny Lang, Johnny Winter and Dee Snider. But West's work with Mountain has inspired an entirely unexpected genre of artists: rappers. In fact, the group's 'Long Red' is sampled in one of the bestselling rap singles of all time, Jay-Z's '99 Problems,' as well as in songs by Kanye West and Common.

For 'Still Climbing,' West gave 'Long Red' new life himself by rerecording it. "It was time for me to let people hear that song the way I do it now," he explained. "I used a B-3 organ on it again, but this time it has a lot more balls." 'Still Climbing' comes out on Oct. 28. You can see the track listing below and check out West's Facebook page for more info.

Leslie West's 'Still Climbing' Track Listing

1. 'Dyin’ Since the Day I Was Born'
2. 'Busted, Disgusted or Dead'
3. 'Fade Into You'
4. 'Not Over You at All'
5. 'Tales of Woe'
6. 'Feeling Good'
7. 'Hatfield or McCoy'
8. 'When a Man Loves a Woman'
9. 'Long Red'
10. 'Don’t Ever Let Me Go'
11. 'Rev Jones Time (Somewhere Over the Rainbow)'

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