Talk about a symptom that you would NEVER think to be a sign of childhood cancer.

Debra Bailey lives in Bad Axe with her family. One day, she noticed that her daughter, Angelina, had blotches all over her feet. She took her to the doctor and was then sent to the hospital; she never expected the blotches to be labeled as "critical."

Cancer runs in their family; other family members had passed away already and that's the first thing that Debra thought about. She said that it was hard to tell Angelina about her diagnosis; she went in for a PIC line and she was then treated for her leukemia.

Throughout her treatment, she's been a normal kid. Debra calls her a "trooper."

I would drive two hours to bring my kids to the emergency room. That's how much I love Hurley. And child life. They play games with the kids and keep them busy. They treat you like you're a part of their family. I picked Hurley, and I'm glad I did.

Angelina is doing well; she's back in school and is in the maintenance phase of her leukemia treatment. Her dream is for Angelina to be a healthy young lady and to live out her dreams.

Can you take a moment and spare a few dollars to be a miracle maker? You can donate to kids and families like the Baileys by texting HURLEY to 51555 or calling 877-719-5437 (KIDS).

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