The Lions' new quarterback is Jared Goff formerly of the Los Angeles Rams. They got him in the blockbuster trade that sent Matthew Stafford to the Rams from the Lions.

The Detroit Lions are a totally revamped team. They have a new head coach and coaching staff, new players, new G.M. and a whole new fresh situation. Gone is former head coach Matt Patricia who stunk as the Lions head coach and former G.M. Bob Quinn who also stunk up the joint. Both guys were awful and both failed.

Again we've got a new start for an organization that has made bad decision after bad decision. Their new quarterback is Jared Goff who was run out of LA. He has taken and played in one Super Bowl, which he ended up losing to New England. Now he and Stafford both have fresh starts in new cities.

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If Jared Goff gets hurt, though, the Lions are in deep mud. His backups are Tim Boyle and David Blough, and these guys have limited at best experience in the NFL. This is a bad situation that could go ugly very quickly. They can only hope that a better quarterback from another team will end up in their lap. Because these two guys are not going to take any team to the playoffs.

If I were the Lions, I would be scouring all over for a better backup. Right now as we speak the Lions can only pray that Goff stays healthy. We all know starting quarterbacks inevitably get hurt.

This is the reality of the situation: Boyle and Blough aren’t going to take the Lions anywhere but the basement. If Goff goes down, what will the Lions do? Let me know what you guys think.

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